Tuderex sca

About Us

Tuderex has been operating since 1987 on the Costa del Sol, always striving to solve hard-water problems, lime-scale build up and other issues associated with local conditions, with high quality products at competitive prices. We also offer a comprehensive and personalized service, including technical, informative and advisory, to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Tuderex, your guarantee for hygiene, quality and service.

Everything your business requires to ensure complete hygiene at fair prices.

High performance products

We are continually revising our formulae as new compounds become available on the market, ensuring always that they are eco-friendly.

Personal advice

Advisory service for water treatment issues through softeners or demineralizers, and disinfection and hygiene issues in food preparation areas.

Reliability with Our Clients

Since 1987 Tuderex has a commitment to its customers, with personalized service and reliability, offering advice at all times.

¿Why Tuderex?

  • For Service
  • For Hygiene
  • For Quality
  • For Guarantee